Thursday, March 29, 2012

First try at Lasalle

Nick and Chris had a first try at Lasalle. As it was our first try, we stuffed a lot up. But we also got some things right. The battle was French (Chris) vs Austrians (Nick) -- each side with one division.

For the first few turns, we were confused about the sequence of play. In the end, it is easy. When it is your turn, you shoot, fight, then move. This sequence of play means that if you charge into contact, the opponent then gets to shoot at you charging in, followed by fight the resulting combat, and then make his moves. It works quite well.

Combats were bloody and quick -- probably more bloody than normal due to Nick's uncanny ability to roll 6's. Musketry did not break any units, but did render some so ineffective that when the charge went in the units evaporated. Due to our screwing up the sequence of play for the first few turns, we may have also skipped a French musketry -- leading to their eventual defeat.

We did miss the ability to make reaction moves -- which is probably a critical part of the game. And we didnt use commanders correctly, which is where the French have an advantage. But the game was enough fun the Nick and Chris are doing it again in a few weeks!

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