Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Barbarians Inside the Gates

Jim & Mike's Dacians v. Steve & Mark's Romans

We reversed the scenario from last week - the Romans are besieging the city (presumably to take it back) with the Barbarians coming to its relief.

The Dacian infantry came up the road while both their cavalry divisions came on their right.

The Roman infantry on their right (Steve's) advanced straight at the Dacian foot, their cavalry moved up behind, Mark's infantry moved to meet the cavalry.    The Auxilia division initially in the camp moved out to face the city while the onagers tried to make another breach in the wall.

The Dacian foot began deploying to their left to face the oncoming Romans while their cavalry advanced only in fits and starts.

Steve's foot got a 3 move charge in to catch the lead Dacian div still deploying and quickly broke it.

The Dacians desperately tried to counterattack with the second infantry division while the cavalry threw themselves at Mark's infantry.

But the gods were not on the Dacian side tonight.  Mike's 2nd infantry division also broke and Jim's cavalry failed to break through Mark's infantry.

The Dacians had had enough and withdrew leaving the city to its fate.

This was a short and sharp battle tonight.  The Roman's aggressive plan backed up with good dice did for the Dacians quick time.

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