Friday, April 13, 2012

Nick in Launceston - Lasalle

It was an unplanned game -- both Nick and Rob ended up at the club with no opponents. But Nick had his Napoleonics in the car, so an impromptue Lasalle game was set up.

Nick (Austrian, with one infantry division and one Cuirassier division) vs Rob (with one veteran infantry division and one conscript infantry division).

Nick tried a grand sweep on his left flank with his Cuirassiers. They crashed through the French artillery. But the artillery had shot them up pretty well, and when they hit a square in the back they bounced. The square was only conscripts, so they charged again -- but lost and broke. Meanwhile, a 2nd Cuirassier unit attacked another unit of conscripts that failed to form square. Rob rolled a flurry of 6s, and the Cuirassiers lost!

On the other flank the relentless march of the veteran French infantry overwhelmed the Austrians. It didnt help when Nick tried to do some fancy maneuvers, and only 1/2 his units moved. In two turns the proud Austrian right wing turned to a rabble!

A well deserved victory to Rob, who seemed to like the game!

(There was some Kingston Kup practice on another table. All I will say is 'there were hordes of em!'

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