Monday, April 16, 2012

FOW Counterattack Mission

Jim's US Mech v. Richard's Fins

1555 points MW  Counterattack Mission, US attacking.

The Fins are deployed in the far RH corner, the US in the closest quarter.  The Fins have some light tanks in reserve to come in on the LH corner.

The US objectives are in the 2 far quarters.

The US decided to take the direct approach.  2 infantry platoons lined up as close as they could to the Fin line with Shermans & Honeys in support.  The artillery are on the hill & recon behind it ready to make a dash for the far objective.

Alas the US's bold plan met some serious opposition from the dice gods.  The artillery failed to hit & pin the enemy infantry and the combined fire of the rows of tanks and infantry fell short of 5 hits.

The unpinned infantry with lots of SMG teams had no trouble stopping the attack thru the woods.   The KV's stopped the bazooka charge with MG fire, then they stopped the Honeys with 2 bails.  The whole US line ground to a halt.

Then things got worse for the US.  The Fin reserves arrived on turn 1 and intercepted the Recon.   The Recon got away with some transport losses & holed up in the town.

The Shermans charged to the flank of the KV's but 2 bails was not good enough.  The 105's missed again and the GI's were again stopped by fire.

Fin infantry charged the Shermans from cover and the Shermans fell back.  Then all 4 front line US platoons failed morale (including the CO re-roll) and it was game over.     The Fins lost 1 infantry team.

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