Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday KKK Practice

Jim's Hungarian Light Infantry v. Rich's Tankovy

1555 pts No Retreat Mission on 6x4 table.

The Hungarians laid out a nice reception committee with a large infantry platoons in front supported by Pak 40's in ambush and 105's.  The Soviets had 2 KV85 platoons supported by small sapper and Strlk platoons.

The Soviets sent their infantry forward up the centre thru the cornfields supported by tanks on each flank.

The Hungarians got their reserves quickly - more infantry trucked down the road and then 38-T's following behind.

The KV's on the Soviet left engaged the Paks while the KV's on their right attacked the infantry in the tree line.  The infantry fell back with minor casualties & those KVs joined in against the Paks.

The Paks lead a charmed life, losing only one while they popped 2 KV's from each platoon.

Then the Hungarians counterattacked.   The last Kv on the treeline as bailed by Paks then taken by infantry assault.    The 38T's, with infantry support, destroyed the Soviet infantry.

The Soviets were put below half strength  with just 2 KV's left and failed morale.

It was a tough battle for the Soviets - one of the good Missions for infantry, godd terrain for them, good reserve dice and almost immortal Pak 40's was a mean combination.

The only V3 issues were in the assaults with a number of situations arising for the first time.  But with the help of the vastly improved index all questions were quickly resolved.

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