Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lasalle Napoleonics at Nick's

Jim's Austrians v. Nick's French - 2 divisions a side in 6x4' table, 15mm figs.
My first go at Lasalle Napoleonics, but Nick is a veteran of a few games & had a pretty good grasp of the rules so we didn't waste a lot of time looking up.

The pics are all taken from the Austrian side.  The dice determined that the French were the attackers, and for that they got an extra couple of units.  The defenders had the choice of choosing table side, or deploying second.  They chose the latter.

The French had 2 infantry divisions, the Austrians an infantry & a cuirassier division.

The French advanced quickly on their left with their right echeloned back.  The Austrians moved forward a little to meet them with their cuirassiers charging the infantry as they left the farm fields.

The cuirassiers broke one infantry unit, but most of the French got into square & the cavalry was beaten off.

There's a bit of a gap in photo record here as your reporter got carried away in the action.   The French centre was counterattacked by the Austrian left and destroyed.  The Austrian left then turned around and attacked the french left.

The French were pinned by the cuirassiers on one side and attacked by infantry on the other.  The French losses mounted and they eventually failed an army morale test.

Lasalle has its odd quirks but nothing too outragous that you wouldn't get used to.  The system rattles along pretty fast and doesn't require continuous reference to tables.  As a virgin player I just did what seemed right and the rules pretty well supported me - which is always a good test.  I certainly enjoyed the game.

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