Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elperezova - 6mm Napoleonics

After my experiments with 6mm Napoleonics over the weekend I worked up a summary sheet for a simplified Black Powder for big Napoleonic battles and set up a game for Steve, Big Carl & Tony - again based on El Perez from the BP book.  Not a  big battle yet, but you have to walk before you run.

Steve's Russians v. Carl & Tony's French

The scenario requires the Russians to fight their way over the bridge at Petitosova & get at least half their army away.   The French have 1 small unit defending the bridge & the rest in hot pursuit of the Russians.  Steve did the usual - deployed 1 infantry division & his cavalry to delay and marched the rest towards the bridge as fast as possible.

The retreat went well for the Russians while they could march down the road, but it all slowed down when they had to deploy to attack the bridge and their Command rating of 7 asserted itself.  But they sorted themselves and charged across the bridge with 1 brigade supported by another & artillery on both flanks.  They had done all they could, but the Frogs refused to budge as the rearguard melted away and the French main army got clear and began marching forward with a Command rating of 9.

The  French garrison eventually ran out of hot dice and broke leaving the escape route clear, but it was too late.  The Russians only got about 1/4 of their army away & the French won a good vctory.      

The modified Black Powder system worked really well & can only improve with more work & testing.  The players enjoyed it and it was a breeze to umpire.   The simplifications make the game easier to remember and quicker to play, but I think still retains enough tactical options.  Borodino 2012 here we come.

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