Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FOW Hasty Assault Mission

Jim's US Mech v. Steve's Grenadiers
1,555 pts MW, US attacking.

Undeterred by last night's fiasco, the same US Mech coy lined up for another go.

In this mission half both sides are on table  at the start.  The defender' reserves are delayed and scattered, the attacker's are neither.

The US put a dismounted mech platoon on each flank & SP 105's in the centre.  The Germasn deployed infantry with mortars, HMG & Pak support on the ridge & artillery behind.

 The US advanced on both flanks, but brought all their reserves in on the left.  With a traffic jam in the corridor between ridge and table edge, the Luftwafe was scary, but the tank's AA saw them off until they got in close.

But the German artillery & mortars were more effective hurting the GI's & eventually destroying them.

The 2nd grenadier platoon arrived in the nick of time to defend the village and its objective.  The US had lost ther infantry, so the tanks had to risk the bogging rolls and go in unsupported.

The Honeys were beaten off, but the Shermans made it over the hedge and took the objective.  The Germans tried to blast them off it, but with the help of cover and smoke the Shermans survived to seal victory.

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