Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saga at Barrie's

After last week Barrie & I were keen for another go at Saga.  Again it was fun & we're keen to try some different forces next time.

Game 1: Jim's Anglo-Danes v. Barrie's Vikings

The Anglo-Danes (in the foreground) advanced their left leaving their levy on their right hanging back. The Vikings took the bait and charged the levy.  The levy fell back & the main force turned right to attack the Viking unit's flank.  But the dice did not cooperate, the Viking unit took a lot of enemies with them and one got away.

A misunderstanding of the cover rules lead to the Anglo-Danes charging the ruined abby with such unfortunate results that battle became a mopping up operation for the Vikings.

Game 2: Mark's Anglo-Danes v. Barrie's Vikings

This scenario has a river with 2 fords.  The winner is the side with the most troops over the river on turn 7.

Mark did pretty well for a first gamer, but Barrie in his 4th game had a good grasp of the Viking's special rules & won a tough fight.


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