Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nick in Launceston -- New Store Magic Night!

There is a new store in Launceston -- Good Games. This is a branch of a large chain on the mainland. It has computer gaming, plus tables for various fantasy and card games. The best bit though is the opening hours -- 11 am to 11 pm every day! The stock at the moment consists of Magic, Heroclix, Dystopian Wars, Warmachine, etc. All of your usual popular fantasy / sci-fi themes apart from GW, which they are not stocking as they are already stocked by Tiger Models and Birchalls. I spoke to the manager, and there is no desire to get into historicals due to the startup costs. When all is said and done, I have to say Area 52 is a nicer store with a larger range. But you cant complain about another store in Tasmania!

They have several game nights. I went along to their Tuesday night magic tournament. Cost is $10, but you are guaranteed to win a $6 booster, so its a cheap game. I bought an event deck at Area 52 to take along. Event decks are pre-made legal decks that supposedly are powerful enough to be competetive in tournaments -- but they arent that powerful, and do require some tuning! I had a black/green deck that used the undying mechanic -- creatures that die come back even more powerful (but if they die in their powerful form they really die). My first game was against someone who was in her first tournament, and had been playing for a month. She destroyed me two games running! Next round was a bye. Third round was against Rob. The first game I managed to reduce Rob to one life, then his creatures kicked in and he started slamming me. But, right as I was about to die, I drew a card to do one damage to Rob, and managed to extract a win from the jaws of defeat. Rob won the next, and I won the third. The last game was against Terry. I'm not sure what his deck was -- I managed to get a horde of creatures out for each game and rush before he could do much. In the end, 2 wins, one bye, and a loss. I made a profit, winning 2x $6 boosters (Assuming you ignore the $40 for the event deck!)

I think my Tuesday nights are sewn up for the next few months!


Jacksarge said...

Are they stocking anything useful for historical gamers like paint, & scenics?


Nick said...

They have paints -- the privateer P3 range. And brushes. But no terrain.