Saturday, April 07, 2012

More KKK Practice

Jim's Hungarian Infantry v. Mark's Fucilieri

Dust Up Mission 1555 points on 6x4 table

When two blokes have been wargaming with each other for 40 years, things can get a tad predicable.  The two lists were remarkably similar to start with, except the Hungarians had a bit more quality and the Ities more numbers.   The first pic is taken behind the Hungarian right.  Both sides deployed two big infantry platoons and a 105 battery, moved forward a bit, dug in, and then exchanged counter-battery fire while waiting for reserves.

When they were good and ready, the Hungarians  attacked with their infantry supported by the 38-T's.  The front Fucilieri platoon was first pushed back, then next turn destroyed and the objective was taken.

The Italians counterattacked to try and take it back.  Their fire forced morale tests on the 38T's and infantry, but with the help of the CIC and a lot of luck they held on.  The Fucilieri charged, but the Hungarians had just enough tubes left to get 5 hits to stop the charge and hold on to the objective to win.

It was good to get some potentially messy assaults done.  We resorted to the book a bit, but it all seemed clear enough when you read it.  We had some discussions about terrain, but mostly unnecessarily - it still is largely a matter of discuss before the game.  The biggest change is the slow going category - slow but no bog test.

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