Saturday, May 05, 2012

Kingston FOW Tournament 2012

With 21 players on 11 tables this is the biggest wargames tournament yet in Tasmania.  Camp Cromwell has 5 players (not counting Nick who was hi-jacked by the LGC).   There are 8 from Kingston,  5 from the Launceston Gaming Club, 2 from the Melbourne Monday Knights.  Nick Ridge's son Declan played the byes (& won most of them).

Results for Camp Cromwell players:

Jim (Hungarian Light Infantry):
1. Lost to Richard Taylor's Tankovy (KBR) - Counterattack Mission
2. Defeated Rob Holloway's US Rifles (LGC)  - Dust Up Mission
3. Defeated Patrick Oxborough's Strelkovy (LGC) -  Cauldron Mission.
4. Defeated Nick Ridge's Brit Inf (LGC) - No Retreat Mission.
5. Lost to Smithy's Strelkovy (KBR) - Free For All Mission.

Steve (Grenadiers):
1. Defeated Rob Holloway's US Rifles (LGC)
2. Defeated Richard Taylor's Tankovy (KBR)
3. Lost to Andrew Oates US Rifles (MK)
4. Lost to Smithy's Strelkovy (KBR)
5. Defeated Nick Ridge's Brit Rifles (LGC)

Mark (US Rifles):
1. Defeated Tristian's Panzergrenadiers (KBR)
2. Drew with Griggsy's Panzers (KBR)
3. Drew with Daniel Kosta's Panzergrenadiers (LGC)
4. Drew with Leigh
5. Defeated Patrick Oxborough's Strelkovy (KBR)

Leigh (Brit Rifles):
1. Lost to Griggsy's Panzers (KBR)
2. Drew with Carl Pearcey's  US Rifles
3. Drew with Rob Holloway's US Rifles (LGC)
4. Drew with Mark
5. Bye.

Byron (US Tank):
1. Lost to Daniel Kosta's Panzergrenadiers (LGC)
2. Drew with Patrick Oxborough's Strelkovy (KBR)
3. Lost to Ed's Panzers (MK)
4. Bye
5. Drew with Shane Madden  (LGC)

Tasmanian Club Trophy:  Kingston Bunker Rats.

1st Place:  Andrew Oates (aka Lord T of the Melbourne Monday Knights)
2nd Place: Andrew Smith (KBR).
3rd Place: Nick Bowler (LGC this time).

Da Vinci Award for best army: Steve Jendrich.

Full results table:

Andrew Oates 528 US Rifle Coy NA
Andrew Smith 425 Soviet Strelkovy Red Army EF
Nick Bowler 322 US Rifle Coy NA
Tristan Goodwin 321 Gep Panzergrenadier Coy NA
Garry Howell 319 Panzergrenadier Coy EF
Jim Gandy 317 Hungarian Motorised Infantry EF
Ed Corsar 218 Panther Coy EF
Miles Griggs 218 Panzerpioier Coy EF
Steve Jendrich 217 Grenadier Coy EF
Nick Ridge 216 British Rifle Coy Tunisia NA
Mark Oakford 216 US Rifle Coy NA
Carl Peacy 215 British Rifle Coy Tunisia NA
Richard Taylor 215 Soviet Tankovy EF
Daniel Kosta 214 Gep PanzerGrenadiers EF
Russell Malham 214 Aussie Rifle Coy NA
Byron Combes 114 US Tank Coy NA
Rob Holloway 113 US Rifle Coy NA
Shane Madden 113 Gep Panzerpionier Coy EF
Adrian Griffin 112 US Tank Coy NA
Leigh Watson 112 British Rifle Coy NA
Patrick Oxbrough 108 Soviet Strelkovy Guards EF

Although Camp Cromwell didn't do as well as usual in the results department and lost possession of the Sturmtiger trophy, a great time was had by all with lots of close interesting games.  Once again John Mumford did a terrific job organising the event.


lap1964 said...

Jim how did you make TT look so young ?

Anonymous said...

Does a 1 - 3 without the objective taken in a FFA count as a defeat?

Anonymous said...

depends on whether the infantry can take the objective prior to holding it for a turn and whether you can remove them

Anonymous said...

so, no objective contested means draw, not a defeat. I know that was the way when it was the other way round...