Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Saga at Barrie's

With 4 players we fought two battles side by side.  We did the clash of warlords scenario in both battles, except without a time limit - we fought to a finish.

Mark's Anglo-Danes v. Barrie's Vikings

Mark's Anglo-Danes (in foreground of pic) did well initially, but Barrie's Vikings regrouped and fought back with the levy archers proving decisive.  Must have caused a great loss of face in Valhalla with the warriors upstaged by the bow wielding scum.

Leigh's Anglo-Danes v. Jim's Welsh

The Welsh special rules give them combat & manoeuvre advantages in rough ground, but their cavalry and archers are best suited to open ground.  The battlefield being divided by woods and a steep hill across the centre made for some particular tactical problems.

The Welsh pushed infantry through the wood on their left and held back their cavalry & half their archers on the right. The Anglo-Danes attacked the wood armed with lots of special rules that trumped the Welsh one.  The Welsh conceded the wood and fell back to a new line.

The Anglo-Danes took their time reorganising, then advanced over the hill & through the wood and attacked.

The Anglo-Danish warlord lead his hearthguard against the mounted Welsh warriors.  Both side threw in all the special rules they could muster and the result was mutual destruction - both the hearthguard and the Welsh warriors all slain.  This left the Anglo-Danish warlord on his own.

But the Welsh warlord was lurking behind his warriors with the last of his hearthguard.  Now it was the Welsh turn, they attacked the lone warlord with a fresh load of dice on their battleboard while the Anglo-Dane had none left on his.   The warlord died giving the Welsh victory.

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