Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pike & Shotte

Scots Covernanters (Jim, Mike & Mark)
Royalists (Steve, Tony & Rob)

Both sides had 4 divisions.
The Royalists had 2 divs of 4 horse, 2 divs of 2 pike + 6 shotte.
The Covernanters had 1 div of 4 lancers, 1 of 4 horse, 1 of 2 pike & 4 shotte & 1 of 4 highlanders.  They also had 2 medium guns & 2 dragoons attached to the pike & shotte.

The Covernanters deployed all their cavalry on their right, pike & shotte on their left & highlanders in the centre.  They hoped the enemy would split their horde allowing them to overwhelm the half on their right.

Unfortunately for the Scots the Royalists deployed all their horse on their left and all their infantry in the centre.

The Scots held their cavalry back while they advanced the highlanders to the left of the central farm, and moved their pike & shotte to the right of it.  Their dragoons moved up into the farm  and began peppering away at the Royalist foot.

The Royalist horse galloped forward briskly against the Scots cavalry.  The second rate Scots cavalry didn't stand much of a chance & were soon defeated.

In the centre both sides had poor command rolls and failed to come to grips.

On the far flank the Highlanders made a brave charge, but failed to broke through and were then crushed by superior numbers.  The Scots then failed army morale and broke.  

The Scots were pretty well beaten on the deployment, then their cross over manoeuvre with the infantry was probably not the right response.  As a result they were well beaten.  But it was fast and fun battle enjoyed by all.

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