Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pike & Shotte at Barrie's

Barrie & Steve's Covernanters v. Leigh's New Model Army

Both armies were about 770 points in 3 divisions.  Leigh deployed the New Model with 3 Ironsides & 2 cavaly on his left, 2 pike & shotte in the centre and 1 pike 7 shotte plus 1 cavalry on his right.  The Covenanters put their 4 highlander and 4lancer units on their left, their 2 pike & shootte in the centre with 2 dragoons in open order in front and 2 cavalry plus 4 light guns on their left.

The Covernanters advanced their left and sent their skirmishers forward in the centre.  The New Model just pulled their right back while they sorted out their blundering cavalry on the left.

The Covenanter's left did well, overwhelming the horse and all but surrounding the foot which broke after putting up a brave fight.

The Ironsides were got back under control and were advanced towards the Scot's centre.  The Scots answered by advancing their centre to support the dragoons and moving their right flank cavalry behind the infantry.

The Ironsides charged at the Scots foot.  One unit rode down the dragoons and charged on to try to help out the New Model's right.  They took out some highlanders, but were counterattacked & destroyed by lancers.  The Scots pike & shotte succeeded in forming hedgehog & the rest of the Ironsides stopped short and caracolled.  But this left them right in front of the Scot's artillery.  One Ironside unit charged the Scots horse between the hedgehogs and destroyed it, but the combination of artillery fire and musket fire from the hedgehogs whittled the New Model horse away and eventually they broke.  With both flank divisions broken, the New Model Army broke.

The game showed up a few more areas of difference with Hail Caesar we hadn't noticed before, some of which we found hard to understand from the text during the heat of battle.  In particular to do with flank attacks, what happens after a combat and the traversing shots rule.  I need to have a good look at the book while not under pressure.

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