Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pike & Shotte: Montrose v. Covernanters

Mike's Covernanters v. Steve's Scots Royalists

The Covernanters are on the left in the pics.   2 P&S plus 2 dragoons on the right, 2 P&S plus artillery in centre, 4 cavalry in front of the centre.

Montrose's army has Highlanders on the rough hill in the foreground, 2 Scots & 1 Irish P&S in the centre and 2 Gordon horse plus commanded musketeers on the far right.

Montrose started forward with the Gordon horse on the right, but when they moved slowly and the Covernanters moved P&S that way he changed his mind & brought them back behind his centre.

The Covernanters advanced their horse in the centre & the opposing foot formed a row of hedgehogs.  But their infantry & guns lagged behind.  Montrose counterattacked the horse with the Gordon horse and his foot.  The Gordons lost a unit, but the Covernanters lost 2.  Both sides withdrew their cavalry.

In the foreground, the highlanders on the hill got pounded by musket fire when they came over the crest.  They retired and the Covernanters followed up.  The hill disordered the pikes, but the musketeers were doing the work so it didn't matter.  More musket fire broke the highlanders.

In the centre,  Montrose's foot counterattacked the Covernanter foot and broke it.

Now both sides had a division broken & 1 verging on it.  The Covernanters disengaged their right and moved it to the centre.  Montrose advanced his right towards the Covernanter horse.

The Covernanter artillery had been hurting the Irish, but were outflanked and taken out by musketeers.

Finally the Gordon horse charged the Covernanter horse with musketeers in support.  Both side fell back shaken, but the Covernanters had to test army morale first and couldn't rally - so Montrose won a close run thing.

The battle was enjoyed by all (including the umpire).  We sorted out quite a few misconceptions we had carried over from Hail,Caesar in previous P&S games.  The game plays quite differently to Hail Caesar despite having the same basic system.

The only issue I'm not really happy with is Broken divisions rules - they hang around able to shoot & tend to prevent a clean finish.  HC has divisions harder to break, but pretty useless when they do.  In P&S divisions are easier to break, but can still be a pain to the enemy.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Have you played Black Powder? How do you find the comparison there?

Jim Gandy said...

We played a couple of games of BP a year ago, but went on to Hail Caesar when it arrived. P&S is more like BP the HC in all respects except that the move rates are like HC. I never liked the long move rates of BP, but our 6mm version of BP with half move rates works well.