Friday, June 01, 2012

Nick somewhere out West (West Launceston?)

The Donkey Botherers gang (Dennis) had been terrifying the good folks in town. Finally, enough was enough -- Nick and his mates came down from the mountains, to run the trouble makers out of town.

As Nick's heroes approached town, a shot rang out. One of the Donkey Botherers, drunk on a rooftop, spotted one of the hard mountain men and took a shot. The shot missed, but the element of surprise was lost. A couple of the mountain men shot back with their buffalo guns. Large pieces of building went flying -- but the gang member was safe. He jumped down from the building roof, joining Syphallis Bill in the town center. Nick's heros worked closer. But suddenly another of the Botherers appeared around the corner of a building, and let fly with both barrels of a sawn-off shotgun, downing two of the mountain men in one shot. Retribution was swift -- a musket ball knocked the gang member out of action. The mountain men charged around the building, and a swirling melee developed. Unfortunatly, the hardy mountain men werent that hardy -- three were knocked out in no time. The mountain men tried to use their large trusty buffalo guns in the town, but they werent much good compared to the nimble six shooters. Before you knew it, Nick and two buffalo hunter friends were all that was left of a posse of 9 -- Nick turned tail and ran!!!!

A fun, quick game using Legends of the Old West.

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