Friday, June 15, 2012

West of Launceston

Nick's mountain men suffered a tragic loss last week -- two loyal friends were killed in the altercation with the Donkey Botherers Gang. Needing money for a proper funeral, the mountain men signed up with Wells Fargo. Easy money they said! No danger they said! Just a regular run they said!

Stagecoach Robbery -- Legends of the Old West -- Nick (Mountain Men) vs Rob (Outlaws)

As the stage coach approached Hanging Rock shots rang out. One of the stage coach horses was hit, slowing the stage coach down. Various ruffians appeared from behind the rocks and started shooting. And a couple of outlaws rode up to the stage coach and tried to climb on.

Flash Nick let fly from his trusty burro, and managed to fell one of the outlaws. The other mountain men charged into contact with some of the outlaws. Despite a diet of raw buffalo hide, the tough mountain men proved to be pathetic brawlers. Maybe they need some iron in their diet! But in a flurry of 6's, the mountain men were comprehensivly thrashed in hand to hand combat repeatedly. Meanwhile, one outlaw managed to get on the coach, and others riding alongside managed to slow it down. Nick's men headed for the hills, and the coach passengers were allowed to continue their journey, lightened of unessential goods!

Kid Brown was the only outlaw to be wounded, but he was wounded bad. The gang took him to the doc, but he was captured by the locals, and sent before the judge -- the judge with a reputation as 'the hanging judge'.

Next week -- the hangmans noose. Can Rob's boys save Kid Brown before the noose tightens? If anyone wants to set up a lawman posse, let me know. Otherwise the mountain men will try to ensure the law takes its course!

There was the usual FOW game. And there was even a new FOW player who showed up just to have a look around. Pic is Dennis in his game with Rob.

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