Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sunday School at Barrie's


With four punters we tried the Feast of Crows scenario where the four players start in the four corners of the table in a free for all.  Mark's Anglo Danes in the foreground, Leigh's Anglo Danes on LH  corner, Barrie's Vikings in far corner & Jim's Welsh in the RH corner.

It was the terrain, nothing personal, but every one charged towards the Vikings, though Mark democratically attacked both Leigh and Barrie when he got there.

By the time limit (end of turn 7) Barrie's force was all but destroyed, but the victory conditions awards Victory Points for casualties inflicted, your own losses don't count.  It turned out we did Barrie a favour by ganging up on him - it gave him more opportunities to kill people.

As always with saga it was a lot of fun, but it's very much game rather than a simulation.

Treasure Trove Found!

Barrie had said he had a few Renaissance troops somewhere.  When he dug them out we found a treasure trove of Renaissance 15mm figures - Western Europeans, Poles and Turks. The pic is just one of 7 trays of them.  They might be small, but they make up for it in volume...and even at 15mm winged hussars look magnificant.

They are based on 60x30 bases, a little different from mine, but perfectly compatible under Pike & Shotte.

We plan to fight Poles v. Turks using Pike & Shotte next Sunday.

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fireymonkeyboy said...

Poles vs. Turks is going to look fantastic! Looking forward to pictures and close-ups.