Saturday, June 02, 2012

FOW Interlude

Jim's Hungarian Light Infantry
Rich's Canadian Mech

1750 pts late war, Counterattack Mission, Canadians attacking.

The Canadians are attacking from the far corner.  Their Wasps & Shermans attacked down the far left of the table.  Their infantry in the unfrocked Priests moved around the hill to their left to attack the ham roll stand in the foreground.  Bugs lead the way & 6pdrs followed up.

The Hungarians moved an infantry coy towards the ham roll stand with their Paks in support.  3 Panthers & 2 Nimrods were in reserve to come in at the far RH corner.

The attack of the Shermans & Wasps was stopped by the Hungarian infantry and their Panzerwatists, but the infantry were reduced below half in the process and also routed.

The Canadians other attack went better for them.  Their bugs prevented the Hungarian infantry getting to the objective to dig in.  When the Hungarian armour came on they were caught between the 6pdrs and the infantry.  A naval bombardment took out one Panther, the other two tried to attack infantry but failed miserably.  The Nimrods were blown away by the 6pdrs.  With smoke keeping the Paks out of it, the Canadians had no trouble taking & holding the ham roll stand.

We had a few V3 the armoured transport rules are a bit confusing, but basically, the Canadians played to their strengths well & won comfortably.  The Panthers demonstrated their weaknesses - probably cured the Hungarians of that delusion.   It was noteworthy that both attempts by armour to attack infantry failed - V3 has improved the balance there.

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