Saturday, June 30, 2012

Correction to the previous post!

Jim's latest battle report contains a mistake -- and its a big one! THIS WAS NOT MY FIRST GAME OF PIKE AND SHOT!

Well over 30 years ago, a group of friends from the wargames club at Hobart College were invited to join the older players who played regularly at Jim's place -- 89 Cambridge Rd.

The room on the right front was dedicated to wargames -- and it was an Aladdin's cave for a bunch of 16 / 17 year olds.  The collection of figures was enormous.  The terrain was like nothing that wargames who had grown up on S&T magazines had seen.  And a bunch of the camp cromwell regulars were there ready to show us young wippersnappers how to wargame.  I cant remember who else was there that night -- it may have been Peter and Steve.  And I definitely played Oakie at Cambridge Rd -- I just cant remember if it was that evening.  But one thing is certain -- that first game was Pike and Shot -- an English Civil War scenario using Jim's home grown rules.

The result was the same 30+ years ago though -- I was smashed! But I came away from that night thinking that when I was an adult I wanted a room just like the one at Jim's place!  (And, even though I have a Garage rather than a room, I think I have succeeded)

Also, the reason for no up close figure shots is that some of those same figures from 30 years ago made an appearance in the pike and shot game last night!


Jim Gandy said...

I actually meant it was the first time you've played the "Pike & Shotte" rules. But nice to feel the nostalgia.

Itinerant said...

Very cool story.