Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Cedar Mtn 1862 Take 2

Mike's Union v. Steve & Mark's Confederates

This time we started the battle 5 hours (15 turns) before nightfall with the Confederate army having to march onto the field & deploy.
The Union army is deployed on the reverse slope with more troops off shot in the woods on the right.  The Rebs are marching up the road from the far left corner of the table.
The Rebs are attacking the Union left.  The Union have moved troops to meet that threat.
The attack on the Union left continues.  Banks surprises all by advancing in the woods on his right.  The Rebs have now moved troops up in the centre.
The Rebs are now attacking all along the line.
Both Union flanks are holding on, but their centre is crumbling.
Just as night fell, the Union centre broke, but both flanks are holding on and the army hasn't broken.  The Rebs have lost 1 division, but are in no danger of breaking.

With Union reinforcements coming in the morning, Jackson could only declare victory and retreat as in the real thing.  The Union could also claim victory on the grounds that they held on until dark.

The Rebs had a sound plan - to attack the flanks to draw troops from the centre, then attack there as well.  They just didn't quite have enough time to break the Union army.

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