Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kingston KUP FOW Practice

Jim's Indians Rifles v. Chris's Afrika Korps

1555 pts Early War Free For All mission.  Thursday afternoon 17/04/2014.
The battle has already been going about 3 turns before I remembered the camera.
The Germans are on the left.  On their far flank infantry, HMGs & Pak36's defend an objective on the hill.  In their centre an infantry platoon is moving right.  Their 3rd infantry platoon hold the village.  Mortars are on the objective on their right supported by MkIII's (which have fallen back after losing a tank to the Valentines).
The Indians have infantry platoon A dug in on the far objective.  Bugs deployed to support them are moving to the left.  MMGs & mortars are on the central ridge.  Infantry platoon B has advanced towards the village & been decimated by mg fire from the village.  Platoon C is advancing on the left supported by Valentines.  Portees have moved to the LH objective from the centre.
The Indian infantry on the left have been destroyed by mortar fire & mg fire from the MkIII's which have moved around to the other side of the village.  German infantry has arrived to protect the objective.
The valentines have moved right to face the MkIII's.  The bugs having move right across the filed are keeping pressure up on the objective.
The Indians deployed their 2pdr a/tank in front of the objective.  The MkIII's declined to slug it out with a/tank guns and withdrew behind the village.  The valentines moved left again.  The Indians have moved their mortars to get them in range of the LH objective. The Germans have advanced on the far flank, but area fire from the HMGs has pinned them down.
The panzers advance again in the centre.  The German left is advancing.  The Germans on their left have failed to dig in and have been decimated by mortar & bug fire.
The Valentines have left the fight with the panzers to the 2pdrs and joined the bugs attacking the objective.  The German advance on the far side has been decimated by the HMG's area fire.
The Indian armour have taken the objective and withstood a counterattack of infantry from the village and the fire of the remaining panzers.  A hard won victory for the Indians.

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