Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flames of War practice for Kingston Kup

With the Kingston Kup approaching it's time to get in some practice - so I introduced Chris to the game.  Chris had my Kingston Kup 1555 pt Indian Rifles.  I had a Schutzen Coy.  Chris attacked in a Hold the Line mission.
The Germans are defending the near end of the table with infantry in the village & on the right of it.  The Indians are attacking frontally while sending troops around the German's left flank. The MkIII's have come out of ambush to counterattack on the right.  
The Valentines moved onto the reverse slope & popped a MkIII.  The rest of the MkIII's bugged off behind the ridge to the other flank to find easier prey.  They and infantry reserves cleaned up the flank attack.  The Indians attacked the village, were beaten off the first time, then attacked again to mutual destruction.  The MkIII's took out the bugs, but were themselves destroyed by the Valentines. the valentines returned to attack the infantry on the right & eventually destroyed them, but byt hen German a/tank guns from reserve were depoloyed on the objective.

By now both side were verging on army morale failure & lacked the wherewithal to attack, so a draw counting as a defender win by the rules for this mission.

It was a very worthwhile exercise - I discovered how much FOW I'd forgotten, not having played it since operation Cromwell last October.  I'm going to need more practice in the next 3 weeks.

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Martina Mikulić said...

Hello! this looks really great and imaginative! Congrats! :D