Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Napoleonic Naval

Mark & Thomas: 2 British ships each.
Steve: 3 French ships.  Chris: 2 French ships.
Our own Man o' War rules.
The dice gave the French got the weather gauge & they are bearing down on the British fleet.
Thomas a visitor from Sydney is given some advice as both fleets split into 2 squadrons.
On the right, Steve has sailed right around Mark's squadron giving it a good pounding.  On the left Chris & Thomas are squaring off.
On the left one of Chris' ships is badly damaged, failed morale and is breaking off.  It is fortunate to still have its rigging intact so can escape to windward.
In the foreground 1 of mark's ships is on fire.  On the other side Chris's flagship is now fighting 2 British ships.
Mark's damaged ship has sunk leaving the other in deep do do.  Chris' remaining ship is putting up a good fight.
Mark's 2nd ship has joined the 1st in Davey Jones' locker, though it took a Frog with it (off pic).  One of Thomas' ships is so badly damaged it has broken off.    Thomas's last ship is getting the better of Chris' flagship, but with Steve's squadron now free to come & help, he makes good his escape, conceding a rare victory to the Frogs.

The British have 1 ship fit to fight, 1 broken off badly damaged & 2 sunk.
The French have 3 ships fit to fight, 1 broken off & 1 sunk.

We tried using A1 hex sheets the same size as the ship bases, moving them around as the ships went off the sides.  I only had 4 of them, but it worked fine, so I'll make up some more & it will be better still.  The rules worked well, though as always I saw some room improvement.

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