Friday, April 04, 2014

Warhammer Ancient Battles -- Romans vs Barbarians

Starn's instructions were clear -- lets play something other than Flames of War. So I dragged out my Romans and Barbarians for Warhammer Ancient Battles. I was using 15mm figures, but two 15mm figures have the same frontage as a 28mm figure that the rules were designed for, so we doubled unit sizes and kept movement distances and ranges the same.

The forces were the 'example' army list forces in the rules book. The Barbarians had 4 warbands of crap, each with a barbarian leader. The Romans had 3 cohorts of legionaries, plus some auxilia. Each side had one unit of cavalry, and two of skirmishers -- but since I discovered I had left one unit of barbarian skirmishers at home, I took away one unit of Roman skirmishers

The battle started well when the Roman cavalry destroyed the barbarian cavalry for no loss. But then the legionaries and the barbarians clashed. At first the battle see sawed. But the Auxiliaries were no match for the barbarians, and they broke and fled. A Roman cohort turned to take the advancing barbarians in the flank, but instead the cohort in front of it broke, and the romans were taken in the flank. They managed to actually win this combat (I'm not sure we did flank attacks properly), but by this time Roman legionaries were running all over the field.

A great game and a well deserved win to Starn.

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