Friday, September 18, 2015

Afternoon Bolt Action at Good Games

Jims' Brits v. John's Germans
1000 pts Frontal Assault Scenario from - Germans attacking.

This scenario has an attacker & defender with a 24" strip of no mans land running along a diagonal. There are 3 objectives, two in the defender's deployment area, one on the diagonal centre line.  The defender places 2 objectives & the attacker 1.   Both sides deploy half their forces on table by alternate platoons with teh rest in reserve.
The diagonal runs from left to right in the pic with the Brits on the nears side.  The objectives are in the nearest house, in the wood to the right of it and at the RH corner of the hedge on the far side of the village.  The Brits made a defensive perimeterin an arc through the houses allowing the Germasn to take the far objective.
The British defence went pretty well the aid of some great shooting on the right flank but near the end their plan almost came unstuck when their reserve of commandos blundered back towards the camera giving the Germans a chance to at least dispute the objective in the near house.  The MMG team in the house stopped one attack by a depleted unit by being in ambush.  They were then destroyed by a second attack by the German HQ, but they took them with them so the objective stayed British.  Then a Brit counterattack at the very end retook the far objective to complete a solid win for the Brits.  For once "Toast" the Cromwell survived - though it failed to kill the Marder on the far ridge (it was saved by the 25 pdr pinning the Marder down).

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