Friday, September 04, 2015

Kill something Nick!

A team flames of war game up in Launceston.  Ben (Italians) and Matt (Germans) vs Lowell and Nick (Russians)

This was a fantastic game.  Both sides attacked on their right.  Both Matt and Nick duelled on the Russian left / German right -- Matt kept missing Nick's tanks, and Nick kept bailing Matts tanks (which generally, but not always, remounted).  On the other flank Lowell charged into the Italian defenders, causing all sorts of problems for the Italians.

By about turn 4, Lowell observed that Nick had not killed a single thing all game.  This trend continued!  Lowell kept killing the Italian infantry before Nicks slow KV tanks could even get into range!

The final turn saw most of Nicks force destroyed -- with just a few KV tanks on the far objective.  Nick had to pass morale for Nick and Lowell to win the game -- and fearless morale prevailed!  But the game went to the last roll, and could easily have gone the other way!  Nicks KV's finally managed to kill 3 infantry stands in the game -- obviously the important elements that steered Nick and Lowell to victory.

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