Friday, September 11, 2015

Bolt Action at Good Games

John & Simon's Soviets v. Jim's Germans
1250 pts Modified Domination Scenario with 5 objectives- 8'x6' table

The objectives are 1 on each of the 2 hills at the far end, 1 on the crossroads, 1 on the hill on the right & 1 in the farmyard on the left.  The Germans are on the left.  The game started with a deployment turn where units were deployed 1 by 1 (in order determined by normal dice draw) within 18" of own baseline (without firing).  (This was to compensate for the big table).
The Soviets got a kickstart by having a scout unit which could be deployed forward which was deployed on the central objective.   The Germans declined to take the risk of rushing a hanomag full of panzergrenadiers up the road in the face of a KV1 to dispute it so at the end of turn 1 the Soviets had 3 of 5 objectives & the pressure was on the Germans to attack.
The Panzergrenadiers dismounted in the village & attacked the objective, but more Soviet infantry came up in time to support their advance guard & the Panzergrens were destroyed.  Nothing else went right for the Huns against a sound Soviet defence.  An attempt to attack on the near flank with their other hanomag full of panzergrenadiers was popped by the Ziz in ambush.  By the end of turn 4 it was clearly impossible for them to even reach a 3rd object so they conceded.

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