Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Somewhere in Hungary ca 1620: Poles v. Turks

The Turks (Mark & Mike) had 3 cavalry & 2 infantry divs.  The infantry with 4 guns were deployed behind hastily prepared defenses on the hill behind a creek & village.  The cavlry were in hidden deployment behind a chain of hills across their side of the battlefield.

The Poles (Jim, Simon & James) had 3 infantry & 2 cavalry divisions starting deployed with 12" of their table edge.

The victory condition was the usual Army Break Test - either side failing if losing 3 of 5 divs broken - except that if the Turks get a division off the Poles rear edge, the Poles have to withdraw to cover their line of supply if they lose just 2 divisions.
The Poles are on the left.  James has an inf div on the left, Simon 2 inf divs in the centre, Jim 2 cav divs on the right.  Mark's Turkish foot is on the hill & in the village.  Mike's cavalry is out of sight.
The Polish advance became a bit ragged despite being command 9.  Horse archers appeared in front of the Polish horse.  The Turkish foot started to redepoy to their right.
The Polish cavalry discover a horde of Turks behind the ridge.  Jame's infnatry is lappingaround Mark's flank on the far side.
Despite suspected the presence of the Sapahis of the Porte, the Polish horse thundered forward expecting to ride down the lighter Turkish horse to their front.  But it put up a better than expected show to pin the Pole's front while the Sipahis turned their left flank.  Simon sent an inf div across to help out.  His otehr inf div has paused waiting for James to clear the village.
Simon's infantry attack in support of the cavalry went pear shaped in a flurry of 1's & the Polish horse are now hard pressed.   On the far flank the Polish foot has begun a seriosu attack front & flank on the Turkish defenses. 
The Polish Cuirassier div has broken leaving only the Winged Hussars & a few infantry holding the Polish right.  But the Turkish right is also outflanked and is being rolled up.
The battle has become a duel of crumbling right flanks.  The Winged Hussars have fallen right back trying to find space to rally.  Simon's musketeers are valiantly resisting the Sipahis in the centre.  Some bad command dice & stubborn Turkish Break Test dice have slowed the Polish infantry attack.
The Turk's right flank inf div has broken & the 2nd is in big trouble, having to abandon their defenses & re-face to their right.  But the Winged Hussars are running out of space. 
The Turkish foot are hanging on, but finally the Winged Hussars have broken.  The Turks have lost only 1 inf div while the Poles have lost 2 cav divs leaving the way open for the Turkish cavalry to strike at their line of supply.  The Poles have to call off the attack and retreat giving the Turks victory.   

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