Friday, September 25, 2015

Bolt Action Doubles at Good Games

This game was played with 2 players a side each with 1000 pts on a 8'x6' table.  The scenario was basically Domination or Tank War with 6 objectives with some mods for a big game.
The Germans are on the near side.  SteveJ on the left, Jim on the right.  The Allies are on the far side, Marks' Brits facing Steve, Chris' Soviets facing Jim. We used 2 dice bags simultaneously, one for Mark & Steve and another for Jim & Chris. 
To compensate for the large table we started with a turn 0 where units were deployed by each side in their deployment zones within 24" of their own table edge without firing.
The objectives are placed with one in the mid rear of each side and 4 in a row down the centreline.
 Both sides put their strongest infantry units in the centre with weaker forces on the flanks.
The Allies held the centre but the Germans won both flanks so when the game ended after turn 6 both sides held 3 objectives.  With objective equal the game was decided by units lost.  Both Allies & Jim's Germans had lost heavily, but Steve had lost only one unit so the Germans won comfortably by killing more enemy than they lost.

The doubles system worked well.  Mostly it was Jim v. Chris & Steve v. Mark, but there was some crossover.  If firing at the other enemy, the player declared this & the other pair paused for it to be resolved.  The system worked really well in keeping the game moving fast despite the numbers of units involved (16 German & 22 Allied).

The turn 0 deployment in zones without firing worked perfectly to get the action going quickly and allow a satisfactory resolution within 6 turns. 

The players all enjoyed the game & rated the doubles system a success.  We felt that the bigger table & more units gives more scope for strategy and as well as enjoying the team thing.  

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