Friday, October 02, 2015

Bolt Action Doubles at Good Games

Jim & Rusty Germans v. John & Chris Soviets

Both sides had two 1000 pts infantry coys.  The Scenarios was essentially two FOW Hold The Line Missions fought side by side on a 8'x6' table.
The Germans are defending on the left, Rusty on the far side, Jim this side.  John faces Rusty and has two objectives, one on each of the small hills.  Chris faces Jim and has an objective on the road off to the left and on the other side of the nearest house.  The Germans deployed half their units on their half of the table with the rest in Reserve to come on turn 2. The Soviets deploy second putting all their units down up to 18" from their rear table edge.

The Soviets will win if they get 2 objectives, the Germans win if they hold all 4.  One objective taken is a tie. 

There are two dice bags, one for each pair of enemies.  Each pair start each turn togetehr then proceed at their own pace.  If a player wants to take action against the enemy not in front of them, they announce it and the other pair complete current action then pause while it is done.  If there are two crossovers at once dice to see who goes first.

The Soviets did well on the far flank taking the near objective quickly, then sending troops to help the attack on the near flank.   At the end of turn 6 the game was a tie, but the dice decreed another turn.  The combined attack got to the objective in the farmyard but could not finish off all the Germasn around it so the Germans held on.   But on the far flank a FUBAR saw the defenders of the rear objective run away and the Soviets moved up their command team to grab it and victory.

The trouble with scaling up Bolt Action is that the game takes too long if drawing one command dice at a time from the bag if you have about 20 units a side. The double bag system solves the problem, almost halving the game time by usually allowing two things to be happening at once.

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