Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Carthage v. Rome

Carthaginians (Mike & Mark) v. Romans (Jim & Chris)

The Romans, on the right in this pic, have 2 legions in the centre & a mixed Allied div on each flank.
The Carthos have 2 Celt divs in the centre with Punic infantry on each side (each 2 phalanx & 2 medium inf) and a cavalry div on their left flank.  Jim faces Mark on the Roman right while Mike faces Chris on the Roman left. 
(The rest of the pics are from the Roman right).  Both sides advanced carefully trying to maintain a line despite the vagaries of the command dice. The Romans have held their horse back on thrier left & advanced it on their right.
The closer Celt div got the advantage of charging home but threw rotten dice.  The RH half of these Celts was broken & the nimble maniples wheeled right into the flank of the LH half.
The far Celt div was charged by Chris' Legion.  The front line was broken, but the second line is still sound.
The Punic cavalry is making slow work reaching the Roman horse on the far flank.
On the near flank the Roman horse has smashed the Punic flank guard & is deep behind their lines.
That Punic infantry hasn't really got into action.

Mike's 2nd row Celts on the far flankcahrged and were pushing Chris' Romans back, but a flank attack by one of Jim's maniples stopped the rot and the Celt div has broken.
Mark's Celts have also broken.
Mark's Punic infantry had initial success against the Roman's allied infantry, but the Roman cavalry came into their rear while legionaries hit their flank and this div also broke.
On the far flank Mike's cavalry took too long disposing of the Roman horse and the Punic infantry failed to effectively  support the Celts.

The Carthos have lost 3 of 5 divs and fail their Army Break Test.

This was a large battle but we finished it in little more than 1 & 1/2 hours playing time using our "Hail Caesar Lite" house ruled version of Hail Caesar.  The main change is that we don't use saving throws, using less to-hit dice to compensate.  This saves a lot of time while otherwise making no noticeable difference to the way the game plays.

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