Monday, October 12, 2015

Wings of Glory at Barrie's

We had six players for Wings of Glory WWII air at Barrie's this Sunday.  2 Spads (Jim & Ed) & a Camel Barrie) took on aTripe (JohnW), a Fokker DVII (Steve) & a Roland (NickB).
At the stage of the battle in the pic the Roland has become isolated from it's comrades & is surrounded by a flock of Allied fighters.  But somehow it came though relatively unscathed while when the Fokkers got back into the action Barrie's Camel was shot down.  Outnumbered and with heavy damage the Spads managed to break off the action and escape. As usual with WOG everyone had a good time  tying to second guess the opposition while hoping to avoid drawing the cards of doom.

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