Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Napoleonics: Chris's New Russians hit the table

With Chris' Napoleonic Russians finally ready for action we teamed them up with an Austrian Corps led by Mike to fight a Frog Corps commanded by Jim, Mark & PeterC.
The Allies deployed first on the LH side of the table with the Austrians on their left.  Both Corps have a large infantry div, a cavalry div & a battery.  The French have 3 inf divs, Mark's on their right, Peter's in the centre & Jim's on the left with their two cavalry divs.  The French plan was to smash the Russians while holding off the Austrians.
Both sides attacked with their left wings. The Allies moved their large Russian battery onto the central ridge and sent the Austrian cavalry towards the centre. 
The cavalry fight on the near flank was hard fought.  The French eventually broke the Russian cavalry but not before losing one of their own cavalry divisions.  The infantry attack on the Russians faltered at first.  The Austrians cavalry is trying to come over and help the Russians out but Peter's infantry has been moved forward to hold them off.  Mark's infantry on the far flank is being beaten but has not broken.
While initially the Russian foot held their ground, once a unit cracked the superior French command allowed them to exploit the break and the Russian infantry line was rolled up.  With both Russian divs broken, the Allied army had lost two of four including their biggest divs so failed their Army Break Test.  (The French had only lost one small cavalry div out of 5 divs, though Mark's infantry was verging on breaking).

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Nice looking battle!