Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bolt Action: Germans v. Soviets

Jim's Germans v. Chris' Soviets

1,000 pts Camp Cromwell Domination scenario.  This scenario has a deployment turn 0, where units are placed in own 1/3 of the table without shooting before a normal turn 1.  There are 7 objectives on a 6'x5' playing area.  The winner is the one with the most objectives at the end, or if tied for objectives & one side has lost 2 or more units than the enemy they lose.
The Germans have deployed on the right.  Both sides start with 2 objectives held & soon grab another on their left flank.  The centre objective in the village becomes everyone's centre of attention.  The Germans get to the central objective first occupying the line of hedges & woods, but the Soviets occupy the nearest house with their veteran SMG unit, the far house with a rifle unit & their freeby inexerienced men hide behind the centre house. 

The Germans concentrated their fire on the near house and get enough pins to break the Soviet vets while the Soviet rifles in the other house make a mess of the Germans in the corn field.
At the end of  turn 6 the Germans still held 4 of the objectives, but they had much higher casualties, largely due to the Soviet heavy mortar which destroyed the MMG & the howitzer on the hill plus the infantry who occupied the house vacated by the Soviet vets.  If the dice had decreed a 7th turn, the Soviets may well have turned the tables as the Germans had precious little left to defend the two forward objectives.

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