Tuesday, March 14, 2017

English Civil War

Parliament: Mike, Mitch & Jim
King: Steve & Mark
Both sides had 2 pike & shot divisions of 2 pike & 4 shot & 2 cavalry division of 4. Parliament's cavalry included 2 cuirassiers & they had 2 cannon.  The King had 2 dragoon units.
Parliament is on the left.  Both sides put their cavalry at the far end.
 A great cavalry mellee soon developed on the far flank.  The Royalists supportedtheir horse with dragoons (now dismounted) while the Roundheads sent an infantry brigade over the stream to help out.
On the near flank the roundheads let their artillery do the talking & the Royalists dived fro cover in the woods.
Initially the roundhead cavalry drove the cavaliers back, somehow they got their act back together counterattacked and now it is the roundheads on the back foot.   On the other flank the roundheads have advanced to engage the enemy infantry, now masking their own guns but with a better organised line bringing more muskets to bear.
The roundhead horse have been defeated with both divisions broken, but they took a cavalier division with them.  The roundhead infantry at the end of their line have formed a hedgehog & is half surrounded by caracolling horse. On the other flank the king's infantry's left flamk has been overlapped and the end division is on the point of breaking.
The king's left flank infantry division has now broken so both sides have lost 2 of their 4 divisions.  The remaining king's infantry is being outflanked & is falling back.  The King's last chance is a cavalry charge behind the hedgehog into the rear of the roundhead foot.  But the roundhead artillery had been redeployed in their direction & musketeers turned around to face them before they could charge.  The charge failed to go home and they were driven back by a hail of fire.  It was now 10 o'clock, nightfall at Camp Cromwell  & the King's army was able to break off & claim a draw as both sides had lost 2 divisions out of 4. 

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