Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Hail King Richard!

Mark & Steve v. Jim & Mike

All 4 players selected two 5 unit divisions for a simple bit of medieval mayhem using our Hail King Richard variation of Hail Ceasar.
Mike is far left, Jim near left, Marh far right, Steve near right.
Mike started off supporting Jim left in the centre adding some bow fire into Steve's flank, but marks attack on his left flank looked so disorganised that Mike couldn't resist trying to take advantage.  teh result was a confused melee with heavy losses on both sides, but it was Mike who lost the first division even though all of Marks were on wood.
On the near flank the infantry fought each other to a standstill, both sides on wood & too shaken to finish the enemy off.  On the near flank Steve's unscrupulous selection of more heavily armoured knights than anyone else gave him a decisive advantage.  Jim's right broke, so with 2 of 4 divisions broken while the enemy hadn't lost any, Jim & Mike's army broke.

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Phil said...

Nice looking game, beautiful lines of battle on the first pic!