Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Bolt Action at Good Games

Good Games in Hobart have expanded and upgraded.  The shop has moved next door with a new games area for the young ones at the rear.  The old shop has become a cafe/bar games room.  Today we tried out Sunday gaming there with Bolt Action.
 We had 3 games of BA going at the far end with a card game going on in the foreground & space for more. there are also video games & pool tables behind the camera
The new coffee machine serves great coffee.
The new kitchen serves great pizza & nachos.  That fridge contains beer.
 Could I say anything to add to this pic?
Mark & Frankie share a bowl of nachos after fighting each other to a draw in the desert. (Yes that is coke Mark is drinking, but we did share a couple of "Blondes" later).
Matthew christened his new Brits with a win against Steve's Germans.
Lt von Flashman was the only survivor when my Panzergrenadiers fought Sean's Yanks.  (Sean & Matt brought this table).

Mike has done a great job creating the sort of facility we have all only dreamed of for years.  It's up to us wargamers to support it to keep it going.  Pizza, nachos, beer & wargames - what else could one ask for?  We intend to make Sunday afternoon BA starting about 12 noon a regular thing. 

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