Friday, March 10, 2017

FOW in the desert

As Steve & I are taking part in a one day FOW tournament at the Bunker Rats on Saturday we had a battle to try out our lists & remind ourselves of the rules, not having played FOW since the last tournament several months ago.
Steve had a German infantry coy defending in a Pincer Mission against my Indian Rifles.  My Indians surged bravely forward, but the Luftwaffe kept coming & zapped the British armour support.  The infantry got to the objective but couldn't clear it before the MG 42's destroyed them.   With boths having infantry coys I suspect the battle was lost with toss that decided who defended.

Understandably Steve was happy with his list, but I decided than an infantry coy was too much like hard work for 3 battles in a day.   I decided to ditch the Indians & go for death or glory instead with a British Light Armoured coy for Saturday. 

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