Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sudan 28mm:

We decided it was time to let the Mad Mahdi loose again (with our Hail Queen Victoria rules).  SteveJ & Mich have the Brits.  Mike, Jim & Mark have the Mahdists.
The British column has come on the far end of the table only to have the Mahdi's cavalry charge over the ridges on each side.
More Mahdi infantry have appeared behind the hills halfway up the table as the Brits form a rough square.  The British & Egyptian cavalry have driven the Mahdi cavalry back in the near corner.  The Egyptian infantry are holding off the Mahdi cavalry on the far side.
The Egyptian have repelled the Mahdi cavalry on the far flank.  The Mahdi infantry are trying to get some good command dice to charge.
The mahdi foot attacks on both flanks while their centre hangs back.
The Mahdi has some success on each flank but otherwise repelled.
The Mahdi left is being overlapped by the Egyptian cavalry & driven back  by rifle fire.  The Mahdi's right is doing ok in it's attack onthe angle of the British line.  But the Mahdi's centre infantry division has come up too late.
The Mahdi cavalry on the far flank attacked again & broke the Egyptian infantry but has been broken in turn by the train guards' fire.  The Mahdi's left has broken & the other 2 infantry divisions are on the verge of it. 

The Mahdi failed to coordinate his attacks & it was another clear win for the Anglo-Brits.

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