Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Battle of Winwick Pass 1648

The scenario was one from the To Kill a King supplement to Pike & Shotte slightly modified for our Hail Cromwell variation of Hail Caesar.
The Scots have formed up to fight a rear guard action against the English army after the Battle of Preston.  They have erected improvised defences on the crest above the valley on the far side of the stream.  The larger English army has detached a cavalry division on a flank march.  The Scots don't know on which side, no one knows when it will arrive, or exactly where. 
English players: Steve (left), Nick (right), Jim flankign force.
Scots players: Mark (right), Mike (left).
The English have launched an attack all along the line.  On the near flank Scots cavalry have forced a regiment into hedgehog.  On the far flank the English advance has been slowedby poor command dice.
The Scots are holding the line pretty well & the English cavalry remain reluctant to advance.
While doing well on their left, the Scots line has developed some cracks on their right.  The Scots have withdrawn their right flank cavalry suspecting the flank attack will be on that side.
The English flanking force has come onto the table behind the Scot's right.  The English left has began to advance.  The English cavalry on the right is finally in action, though their foot there has replused. 
Despite a spirited counterattack by Scots cavalry taking out 2 musketeer units, the Scots right flank infantry division has broken.  With the English flanking force working their way though the hedgegrows behind them, the Scots are now doomed & concede the battle.

The scenario is heavily biased against the Scots making this a tough one for the Scots to win.  But in our battle the Scots have done much better than historically & claim a victory of sorts.


Phil said...

Wonderful pictures, sounds like a beautiful game!

Gonsalvo said...

Looks good, and excellent inspiration for me with an ECW battle on tap this weekend!