Wednesday, October 11, 2017

English Civil War: Scots v. English

A small ECW scenario with Nick's Scots fighting Mike's English.  I looked after Nick's right wing.  Both sides have 4 divisions.  For the army break test getting troops to the place to where a road crosses the enemy's table edge was worth an extra broken division.  (The was secret deployment by sketch map & this was designed to ensure troops were deployed both sides of the creek by both sides).
The Scots are on the far side of the table.   On the near flanks the English have two cavlry divisions.  The Scots have their only cavalry division supported by some dragoons &  a pike & shot regiment supporting a battery of 4 guns.  On the far flak the English have two infnatry divisions each of 3 regiments.  The Scots have a division of highlanders behind the village, a regiment of pike & shot on each side of them & one behind.
On this flank the English strated to concentrate all the cavalry on the lef tof the hill, but when the Scots began deploying dragoons & shot on the flanks of their cavalry  they changed their mind, pulled back on their left & moved a division back towards the centre.
Pics are now taken from behind the Scot's right.   The highlanders charged forward through the fields, but the Pike & shot were slower to advance.   On the right this was due to bad command dice.  On the right it was due to the right flank commander not realising that the infantry regiment between teh village & creek was in in his command.  
The highlanders had mixed success before the attack petered out for lack of support.  When the pike & shotte finally got into contact on the far left theri faltered in a run of terrible dice.
In the centre the English horse valiantly charged up in front of the guns preventing them supporting the attack of the foot on the other side of the creek.
Between the village & creek the large Scots pike unit pushed though, but their shotte were outnumbered & pushed back leaving the pikes isolated.
The English horse took heavy casulties in front of the guns & shotte but did their job ensuring that the infantry attack  on their right succeeded. The Scot's left has been destroyed & while they still have an infantry & a cavalry division unbroken, they have no hope of cutting off the English advance down the road from reaching the table edge (even though they have begun to move their cavalry to the centre).

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Gonsalvo said...

Very nice; just did an ECW battle of my own, the first in at least a year, this past weekend.