Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Bolt Action at Good Games

Jim's Italians v. Chris' Soviets
1000 pts infantry forces in a Point Defence scenario.
The Italians can ask for a re-roll if they do't get to defend, but that failed too, so the Soviets defended.
A diagonal ridge diagonally across the table provided cover for the Italians as they rushed forward from the right of pic putting several units on the ridge line to soften up the enemy. 
The dice gods smiled on the Italian plan & it worked like clockwork.  The T34/85 was a move late arriving & when it did it the puny Italian fire kept getting pins on it while the beast couldn't even knock out the M14.  The Soviet infantry on the centre objective was blown away by mortar, autocannon & MG fire & the objective taken by the Italian commander supported by the AB41 & ATR.  The Paraduitisti came in from flank march on the far right to pincer the defenders there between them & fucileri.  The Soviet right was shot down when it tried to support their centre.

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