Monday, October 16, 2017

Kingston Bunker Rats Stalingrad Weekend

The Kingston Bunker Rats had a Flames of War Stalingrad weekend with a linked set of battles in 5 rounds of 5 battles each.  Round 1 was on Friday night with 2 rounds each day Saturday & Sunday.  I haven't played FOW since the May Kingston Kup Tourney & couldn't face 5 games of it in a weekend, but I signed up for 2 Sunday Games for the Reich.  Nick did two Saturday games for the Ivans.

There were 8 tables set up with a wide variety of terrain representative of Stalingrad & the land around it.
My first mission required me to attack a horde of Russians defending ruined buildings.  I tried to rush an objective before their reinforcements could arrive but the dice gods wouldn't cooperate & simply ran out of men (which I had a whole lot less off than the Russians).
In my second mission I was again outnumbered (in points as well as numbers).  This time I didn't even try to attack & take an objective.  I dug in in the hope of hanging on for draw, or if I got lucky maybe breaking the attacking Russians.  But again there were too many of them & I ran out of men.

Playing FOW again only reinforced my opinion that Bolt Action is a better game.  BA is simpler & much easier to play & if it has some silly rules, FOW has a whole lot more of them.

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