Monday, October 02, 2017

Operation Cromwell 2017: Bolt Action Tournament

Operation Cromwell 2107 was held at the Good Games shop & cafe on Sunday 01/10.

We had 12 players on 6 tables for for the event played at Good Games, Hobart. There were two last minute withdrawals due to illness or injury, but their spots were taken by reserves who were not able to play all 3 rounds who shared byes so all the other players still got their 3 games. The players' attitude was great & made TO'ing a pleasure.

There was great variety of armies: 1 Fin, 2 Italian, 3 German, 1 French, 1 British, 1 Australian, 1 Soviet & 2 US. Most of them showed great modelling skills & minimum cheese, making the decision on Coolest Army boil down to a bit of a lottery. Matt won it with his Fins, but Ryan's French only missed out because it was a borrowed army (from Dennis in Devonport).

The terrain was supplied by 5 players, me, Sean, Matthew, John & Devonport GC, providing good variety from my functional to Sean's magnificent French village.

The competition was very close & wins were hard earned with many ties. The war went down to the last round where Sean gave Jim W his only defeat. But Jim's 2 wins were enough keep in the lead as Best Axis while Sean slipped into place as Best Allied.

Frankie was given the Banzai award for fighting the bloodiest battles.

The roster was Axis v. Allies: The Allies won the Axis v. Allied count convincingly 29 Tournament Points to 17.

The Roster also split the players into Team Good Games (the regular players at GG on Sunday arvo) & Team Rest of the World, each team 3 Axis & 3 Allied. Team Good Games beat the Rest of the World 26 to 20.
John & Mark fighting over Sean's lovely French village
Mike & Frankie fought a draw size difference not withstanding.
Richmond's run had to end somewhere, Ian's Italians couldn't crack a win.
Jim W & Steve on John's table.
Three tables in the main area.
 Three tables in the back bunker.
Close up of Seans' village.
Some one enjoys a pizza!
One Stug salvages a draw from a horde of Frenchmen.
A cheapo stand-off.
The winners names on the trophies in the Good Games display cabinet.

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