Friday, January 26, 2018

Bolt Action Tank War

Dave's Germans v. Jim's Brits 1500 pts Tank War
1 Tiger, 1 Jag Panther, 1 Hetzer, 1 A/car, 1 Kuber & a truckload of panzergrenadiers (7 units).
3 Shermans, 1 Firefly, 1 Cromwell, a 6 pdr with tow & an M3with vet infantry & PIAT (10 units).
Table 5'x6' with 7 objectives, 2 in each side's rear & 3 along the centreline.
The Germans came on mainly near the farm on their right with their Hetzer & Keber on their left.
The Brits put their Shermans on the right & the rest near the farm on their left.
The Brits initially hid as bes they could from the big pussies & kill everything else. The A/car, Hetzer & Kuber all died.  The Jag took out the M3, but was then pinned down by a barrage of feeble Brits anti-tank fire & por command dice had it retreating for he rest of the game.  When Tiger came out to play it missed its shot & the Firefly popped it first go.  The German force suffered badly from too many eggs in one basket.  By game's end the Brits had all taken but 1 of the 7 objectives, & the Germans had only a pinned down Jag left on the table.  Brit casualties = 1M3 & 2 riflemen.

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