Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Near the Danube in the 17th century

Poles v Turks
The Turks (Mark, Chris & Jim) are deployed on the hill with their levy in the centre behind their guns, Janisaries in reserve behind & cavalry on the wings.
The Poles (Mike & Mitch) deployed all their cavalry on their right.
The Poles got good command dice with their cavalry & their 2 cavalry divisions were onto the sinhle Turkish division on that flank on turn 2. The Turks attempted to move their right behind the foot to support their left but they refused to move.

 The pic above are from behind the Poles.  The rest of the pics are from behind the Turkish left.
The Turkish cavalry are outnumbered as well as outclassed, but still put up a stiff defence.
The Polish infantry have now advanced & are attacking the levy on the hill. The Turkish cavalry from the right flank have finally come across the Turkish rear, but the left flank is about to break.

The counterattack by the Turkish right flank cavalry has failed & when that division breaks the Turks fail their army break test.

The battle was won when the Poles rorted the blind deployment to put all their cavalry on the one flank.  They had a division of 4 Heavy Cavalry & a division of 4 Winged hussars, each with 2 dragoons.  6 Gonallu & 3 small horse archers were no match for that.  The Turk's attempt to reinforce their left before it was beaten was compromised by bad command dice & the Poles destroyed the Turkish cavalry divisions one after the other.  Perhaps the Turks shoull have attacked on the other flank, but they thought their cavalry had little hope against pike & shotte hedgehogs & the prospect of attacking with the levy didn't appeal either.  A feeling vindicated by the fact that when the Polish foot attacked the levy was being pushed back even with the advantage of artillery & the hill.

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