Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Modder Fokkers

Game 1:
3 Fokkers (Mike, Steve & Chris) v. a Camel (Mark), a Spad (Mitch) & an SE5a (Jim).
The Germans got on top early when the Spad & the SE5a both had airframe damage to cramp their style.  Mark fought on gamely, but the damaged planes became more intent on getting out of this mess & home to the mess.
The Spad & SE5a copped a heap of damage, but they still had their powerful engine going strong & managed to power away to escape.  My precious 40+ year old SE5a with 4 kills but never shot down was lucky to survive being 2 hits off going down.  This left the Camel with 3 Fokkers on its tail.  It didn't make it & Mike is rapidly heading for ace status.

Game 2: We stepped back a while into mid war.
2 Albatros (Steve & Chris) & a Pfalz (Mike) v. a Pup (Mark), A Neuport (Mitch) & a Tripe (Jim):

It soon became apparent that 2 machine guns was worth a lot more than the extra manoeuvrability of the single gunned British planes, at least it is when one plane gets serious airframe damage on it's first test & another soon after.  The battle quickly turned into a run for survival for the Brits. This time they all managed to escape, but the Germans ruled the skies with 3 VPs to 0.  (We count 2 VPs for a kill & 1 VP for an enemy running away).

Shenandoah 1862 Campaign

We are about to start a Shenandoah 1862 campaign.  Most of the players involved were present, so after the air games the players had councils of war.  First orders are expected within a couple days & we hope to have our first battle next week.

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