Monday, January 22, 2018

Sunday Bolt Action at Good Games

Darren's US Airbourne v. Matthew's Germans
In Matthew's last practice match before his trip to Cancon his Germans cleaned up Daren's US in a Double Envelopment scenario.

Chris' Japanese v. Jim's Australians
The Austalians are defending on the right in an Envelopment Scenario.  All areas without patches are jungle = difficult ground with visibility 6" inside & 3" into & out. 
The jungle both helped & hindered the attack.  It provided cover, but also slowed it down.  The Japs made their main push in the centre where there was more open ground.  The Australians counterattacked on the left of the village while trying to hold the rest of the line.  The Japanese attacked on their left of the village with one unit breaking through & another initially successful but beaten a counterattack. 
The Australians counterattacked the 2nd breakthrough unit & took it out, but the Japs also disposed of the Australian attack through the village.  At the end of turn 6, the Australians were in front  having destroyed 4 units for 8 VPs while losing 5 for 5 Japanese VPs.   But the dice gave us a turn 7.  Their unit on the far flank over-ran the Australian defenders there & got over the line.  The unit in the village couldn't quite make it over the line, their tank was still pinned down (by the deceased ATR & 25 pdr), their MMG was still deep in the jungle & their mortar missed so the VP count ended at 8 each.

This was a most enjoyable battle with a plethora of close combat & high casualties on both sides. A draw was a fitting result.

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